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Cotswold Water Park

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  Cotswold Water Park

June 2010 - The Cotswold Water Park, on the border between Gloucestershire and Wiltshire, covers 40 square miles, with over 140 lakes, many of them dedicated to wildlife or water sports.

The Cleveland Lakes are in the heart of the Park, and the Cotswold Water Park Society's ambition is to develop this multi-lake complex not only as a conservation area, sports centre and visitor destination. JDD Consulting has delivered a landmark study to evaluate the potential of this innovative concept, help define the strategy and make recommendations for development.

Cleveland Lakes will provide a multi-regional / national venue for paddle sports (rowing, canoeing, etc.) and encourage active public participation in water sports, with a particular emphasis on outdoor family activity. At the same time, the wildlife conservation areas will be extended, creating habitat for migrating birds, with selective access to the public.