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Masterplan for Leaplish Waterside
for Northumbrian Water

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In December 2009, JDD delivered a comprehensive masterplanning study to Northumbrian Water, detailing the future configuration and visitor requirements for the Leaplish Waterside Park.

Northumbrian Water own and operate the massive Kielder Water reservoir in the upper North Tyne valley. Constructed between 1975 and 1981, the massive reservoir ensures that the North East of England enjoys good water supplies all the year round.

Leaplish is situated on the south shoreline of Kielder Water and offers a range of visitor facilities. Its self catering lodges are particularly popular.

JDD's masterplan has set out a multiphase investment strategy for Leaplish, showing how the site can be strategically improved to deliver better services to a wider range of visitors, while not compromising the tranquillity that gives the place its special atmosphere.

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