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  John Sherlock

Happening soon:
Wednesday, 3rd May 2017 at 11.00 am
Lecture on Architecture to Leamington DFAS

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To see a video of John in action (filmed by NADFAS), click or tap here.

John Sherlock is a seasoned lecturer and communicator. He has been inspiring audiences since 2010 with his talks on architecture and astronomy.

Like any communicator, John is most animated when explaining one of his specialist topics. The depth of his knowledge is then put to the test as he answers questions from the audience.

John was educated at Winchester and Oxford, where he read Engineering Science. Having spent most of his career in software development, he now enchants audiences up and down the country - and overseas - with his passion and enthusiasm for classical architecture and optical astronomy.

John is a director of Sherlox Limited - specialists in marketing, website and database development - and also of JDD Consulting, which focuses on business planning for visitor destinations. He is also, part-time, the Strategy and Resources adviser to the Anglican Diocese of Chichester, whose Diocesan Strategy was launched in 2015.

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