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John Sherlock was accredited as a lecturer by The Arts Society in June 2013.

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The architecture timeline which John uses in his lectures can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking or tapping on the image above

John's lectures on Architecture

More detail of the content of these lectures is available from The Arts Society.

Original Grand Designs 1 – Greek orders & illusions

The tracing of European architecture back to the classical Greek period. The principal ‘orders’ of architecture, and a detailed look at the ancient Greeks’ mastery of optical refinement.

Period 500 – 100 BC

Original Grand Designs 2 – Roman ingenuity & engineering

How the Roman period built on Greek heritage, introduced new architectural orders, and learned how to span great voids with arches, domes, brick and concrete.

Period 100 BC – 300 AD

The above two lectures can be combined into a single session on Classical Architecture
This makes an excellent introductory session for a STUDY DAY

Original Grand Designs 3 – Byzantine skill & Romanesque energy

The genius of Byzantine architecture and the emergence of Romanesque in Western Europe around the time of the first millennium.

Period 300 – 1100 AD

Original Grand Designs 4 – Gothic glory

This talk explores the development of Gothic architecture in Britain and other parts of Europe. How did church architecture develop in the way it did – particularly pointed arches?

Period 1100 – 1400 AD

The above two lectures can be combined into a single session covering the emergence of Church architecture
This is a good second lecture for a STUDY DAY

Original Grand Designs 5 – the Renaissance

Italian renaissance architecture and how this spread across the rest of Europe, and eventually to Britain: explanation of terms like Palladianism, Baroque, Rococo and Neo-classicism. Architects become known individually by name.

Period 1400 – 1750 AD

Original Grand Designs 6 – Industrialism and Revival

How industrialisation changed the world of architecture, and how the Victorian Gothic revival did so much to define our national landscape in Britain.

Period 1750 – 1900 AD

The above two lectures can be combined into a single session covering Renaissance and the Victorian Gothic Revival
This is an excellent conclusion for a STUDY DAY

John's richly illustrated lectures have a light touch while conveying a large amount of information. He can also focus more deeply on a particular architect, style, period or place if a society so desires.